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How I hope I feel at the end of the year

She wouldn’t be as happy if there wasn’t as much weight on the bar.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Everyone should do one every decade or so I figure, and it’s my time to try another. The last one I attempted was a $400M+ leveraged buy-out of 90% of the hobby gaming industry with a few other pirate friends of mine. We got close, and were it not for a sudden collapse of the stock market, we would have got it done. Which is fairly impressive (to me at least), considering the fairly plebeian background of all but one of the aforementioned pirates.

But that was a decade ago. Since then, I’ve had a pretty good run of consulting for toy companies and generally leveraging my past experience into some form of work. Lately, I’ve been doing some projects on Kickstarter to increase my creative output. To date, I’ve done 4 game side-projects with a group of friends (called Fun to 11). Two of those games I designed, the others I just coordinated.  I’ve also done a kids book with my lovely wife and hyper-talented niece.

My BHAG for 2014 is to run no less than 12 Kickstarter campaigns.

If you talk to someone who has done a Kickstarter project, they will likely tell you two things. The first is that shipping is more expensive than you would think. The second is that the campaigns are really really hard. They take up more time than you ever schedule. They are very stressful and it never seems like you are really prepared for what it takes. You can’t rest, you have to relentlessly push without being annoying. Your heart jumps a little bit with every new backer and your soul dies when a backer cancels their pledge. And then, when the campaign is over, the really hard work starts.

Ever tried to ship 800 packages? Just organizing storage space is tricky. Ever tried to get a Chinese printer to reprint something  after they messed up (when they already have your check)? It’s hard.

The 5 campaigns I’ve done were spread out over a little more than 3 years. In 2014, I plan to do 12. Some will be simple, some will be complex, I will have partners on many of them. Some will be done through Fun to 11, but most will not. None will be “crap thrown against a wall to see if it sticks” – each will be something I truly believe deserves a shot at existing and each will be something that I will be very proud of if it gets made. Some of the later ones will  hopefully stretch the definition of what can be done with crowdsourcing. The last one will likely be a detailed book about the campaigns with every number, contact, and issue in minute detail.

I am going to use this BHAG to maximize my creative output, and I’m going to record the entire effort on this blog.

So, if you have interest in crowdsourcing, or if you just want to watch what happens with a BHAG hits reality, subscribe here. My first project goes live on January 2nd. It’s a straight forward deck of playing cards that I worked on with my friend Jordan Martin that mixes my love of gaming and playing cards Check it out.


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